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Colosseum by Night & Underground Tour

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See the Colosseum at night

Due to popular demand, the event “Luna sul Colosseo” has been extended: starting for 9 am on October 4th, 2018, it will be possible to book guided tours also each Thursday night from November 1st to the end of December.

Evocative lighting for a special evening visit to the underground, the galleries and the internal arches of the Colosseum.

A magical atmosphere spreads over the whole amphitheater.

Meet your guide just few steps from the Colosseum. Reach the Constantine Arch and get a taste of the ancient times. After some descriptions and explanations, you will move toward and along the Fori Imperiali, getting yourself more immersed in Imperial Rome.

And then you will be in the Colosseum. The visit starts from the floor of the arena, the heart of the monument, from where you can see the depths of the underground, the cavities of the galleries and the succession of the internal arches of the monument, made particularly attractive by the evening lighting.

Here are told the gladiator games, munera et venationes, from who was composed the audience that attended, the history and architecture of the extraordinary monument that continues to fascinate the whole world.

The whole tour is bookable only in English and lasts two and a half hours.